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With Uploadfiles you’re never under any obligation to sign up to our service. But those who do are given the keys to all of the wonderful features that come with setting up an account.

Simply fill in the form above and you can start to upload files to your heart’s content. If you need a reminder of why signing up to Uploadfiles is one of the best file hosting sites around, read our list of exclusive features below.

And remember, Pro Users can enjoy up to 1TB of file upload storage, while business users get access to up to 3TB!

Drag & Drop friendly

You want to upload files without hassle, so all you have to do is drag and drop them into file upload system to receive a unique URL to share as you wish

Unlimited Speed

We believe a file upload shouldn’t be limited by speed limits. That’s why with Uploadfiles the speed of your connection dictates the speed of the service

Unlimited Bandwidth

Share file uploads without restriction as there is no cap on the bandwidth or number of downloads your files can receive

No registration

Sign up to enjoy the full 1TB file upload experience, or use our service for free and still enjoy a range of features that are designed to make life as easy as possible

Multiple Uploads

If you sign up to a free account you can have as many as 30 files uploading at any one time. It’s a valuable time saver for anyone who needs to upload files in bulk

Password protection

You never have to be worried about the safety of your data with Uploadfiles. When you register and upload files you can secure them further with a unique password

Mobile file hosting

Modern life is busy and hectic at times, which is why our service enables you to upload files on the move using your smartphone or tablet

End-to-end encryption

Enjoy the full benefits of end-to-end encryption of your file upload as soon as it is sent to our system, until it arrives securely on our servers

Website upload widget

Do users upload files to your website? Uploadfiles make it easy with our embeddable upload widget – best of all, we do all the file hosting on your behalf

Sell your files

If you are a music, software or video uploader who wants to sell your products online, we have a special service that is secure and straightforward to use